I have the talent of getting tired without doing nothing

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50 shades of dark circles under my eyes

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This filter makes me look like vampire.. I like it.


schools have stairs so you can throw yourselves down them

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and just like that we go from everything to nothing. a hundred miles an hour to rest in a second. dead.

you can still smell the burning rubber from the trail we left behind. the skid marks tell the story of a love so passionate we had no other option but to drive off the edge of the cliff. like a dragon she breathed fire into my lungs with every kiss and made me feel like the sun, like somebody’s reason to live. she was the best thing that i never had and i was the worst thing she ever will. now when i dream about her i grab her waist as tight as i can cause i don’t want to ever let her go again. but i’m a sinking ship and i’m trying to evacuate everyone as quickly as i can.

she was way too greedy, wanting me to add ‘I’s to my ‘love u’s and sprinkle some sincerity on my miss you’s. why couldn’t our daily conversations be enough for you? she ruined everything when she said ‘I’d like to get to know, the real you’ cause you see the real me is locked away in a tower and guarded by a smile that would weaken the knees of nuns, domesticate wild beasts and you, you’ve got eyes that are too precious to see past that.

i never once put pen to paper when she was still around, maybe because  my lips left every poem that brewed up inside me at the base of her neck.  words scrambling up and down her body looking for a place to rest, preferably just above her left breast. she was rain on a gloomy day, a reminder that angels do cry, and when they do, it’s the most beautiful sight.

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How are you gonna ask me to hang out then just stop texting me
Stop playing with my feelings

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